Welcome to eCALAcademy

Home of our Planet programmes at eCALA Life Village.

…a unique and life changing learning centre on the beautiful Greek island of Pátmos


Our Purpose…

We, at eCALA Academy, together with the island of Pátmos, our students, teaching partners and clients

…have created a curriculum dedicated to the provision of programmes to train and skill students committed to the challenge of addressing the global and local imbalances in our Planet.

By developing people in a range of skills related to water, waste, energy, forestry, habitation and business management we intend to directly affect these imbalances by providing viable and alternative outcomes that balance Planet and People ahead of Profitable Performance.

A student can book directly onto a course by submitting a motivation for a chosen course and preferred dates along with a funding proposal.

A company, funder or sponsor can submit a motivation to register a student for a chosen course and dates.

Together, we will deliver people capable of addressing the sustainability of our Planet and People, for the benefit of our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

There is no greater purpose we could serve.

Your Goal…

Your goal is to harness and direct your passion, through one or more of our courses on
sustaining the Planet, whether water, power, forestry, habitation or waste.

eCALA is all about connecting your passion to skills and a network of practitioners.
We preach zero doctrine or religion, we just teach through many of the best teachers in their fields.

Through courses of exceptional quality and in a centre that is utterly unique, eCALA seeks to facilitate the deepest and most profound personal development.

If it touches your soul, teaches and trains your mind and body then you will probably transform whatever you decide to do next……

eCALA is a place you will breathe, laugh and learn.

Why we chose Patmos…

Pátmos is one of the most private and untouched islands in the Dodecanese. Its unique energy, close proximity to three major continents plus being a perfect microcosm of the challenges we face globally and an incubator for practical solutions… makes Pátmos the perfect home for eCALA Life Village and eCALAcademy courses.

Click the pic of Pátmos above… it expands !

How attending eCALA can change everything…

Many years ago eCALA’s founder set up a new approach to developing business leaders and businesses with the aim of moving from lectures and academic papers to teaching tools and methods and testing students in their application at every level of leader. What was first criticised is today common practice with many thousands who have graduated through the ‘successful application’ of leadership and management tools and methods. That business is called IPMS Global and its website demonstrates its credentials in endorsements and accolades from graduating students.

Click here for the IPMS Global website

eCALA starts this quest again and if your passion matches the challenges we face, eCALA will teach you the tools and methods to be at the cutting edge of harmonising Planet – People – Profit.

To be one of the ‘future leaders’ we need among a crop of brilliant new leaders.

This time the programmes are broader and more challenging:

Growing trees to growing a business

Waste and water management to profit management

Health to habitation

Body work to heart work

 – Planet – People – Profit –