Relax ~ Restore ~ Explore

…exclusive, individual and because you are worth it!

eCALA opens in July 2017 for just six exclusive holidays of 2 weeks each, starting every second Saturday from July 1.

To celebrate our opening we are treating all of our guests to a feast of courses, experiences, flights, ferries, islands and
dining out at the best restaurants every night !


It is hard to imagine how you will use it all but it is there and all inclusive……………

– from return flights from anywhere in Europe to all ferries, transfers and a hotel if you are staying over en route –

– from numerous courses exercising the body, mind and spirit to dining out every night in a multitude of restaurants on the island –

– from kayaking until your arms drop off to the most amazing massages –

– from meditation and sound baths to ceramics and land art –

– from the incredible domes to a unique health kitchen –

All designed to awaken your senses by serving you amazingly stimulating food, experiences and teachers.

“A holiday on which you may dine out at a different restaurant on the island every night or pick your favourites. Where you can indulge in a massage or three, enjoy water, beer or wine as and when the mood takes you. You can select from a cornucopia of daily classes or courses, all with exceptional teachers who lead their fields… and all of this is inclusive.”

For 2017 only, we are offering Relax, Restore, Explore which aims quite simply to give you a joyful, rejuvenating holiday.

A holiday that is as active and/or indulgent as you want it to be.

To begin ……daily classes in pilates, yoga and tai chi, open to all levels, with options for advanced instruction based on our guests’ needs.

For those who want to Explore………there is sea kayaking, painting, drawing, art, bushcraft, hikes, guided tours and trips to neighbouring islands to swim in the azure waters.

You can do many of these as one-offs, or daily if you have a focus and want to build your knowledge or skills…. it’s all inclusive.

To help you Relax and Restore on your holiday, all as part of the package, you can enjoy at least three (and more, as spaces free up) 1-1 sessions of massage, cranio-sacral therapy, metamorphic technique or integrative stress relief.

And you can also have the amazing experience of lying down in the group dome as a sound bath washes over you.

The Teachers

eCALA is essentially a learning and development centre and from 2018 onward we will move to offering our more structured skills-building programmes. In 2017 the Relax, Restore, Explore programme keeps the focus on learning (and laughing) by employing only exceptional, qualified and insured teachers.

These include:

  • Royal Academy of Arts, London, trained artist and arts teacher
  • Greece’s leading ceramicist and ceramics teacher
  • British Canoe Union certified 4 star sea kayak leader
  • Greece’s most respected Tai Chi Chuan (yang style) teacher
  • Pátmos’ most renowned tour and walk guides
  • Pátmos’ most renowned historian, photographer and music teacher
  • Internationally qualified and experienced yoga teachers
  • Internationally qualified and experienced pilates teacher

Languages spoken by our teachers include English, Greek, German, French, Italian, Polish.

Dining out every night

eCALA is in Meloi Bay, which is over a small hill from Skála – the main port. The economy is tight and restaurants are one of the main seasonal businesses on Pátmos. In conscious support of our neighbours we have arranged for you to dine out at most of the restaurants on the island; our minibus will whizz you around or it’s a leisurely 15 minute walk into Skála. The menus are expansive (not a set meal!) and include still water. The only bill you pick up is for any other drinks. So our tip to you is: if you like a drink (soft drinks, wine or beer) – drink your fill before you leave eCALA where it’s complimentary and everything is inclusive.

Duration and travel

This is a full 14 night inclusive holiday. Travel and transfers are included and our very good friends at Astoria Travel, Pátmos, will take extremely good and personal care of you.

We all meet on a Saturday in Kos at a lovely hotel on the harbour and get taken out for supper, all included. The next morning we leave for Pátmos on the flying catamaran and you arrive invigorated on Pátmos 120 minutes later (precisely! …….this is one Greek clock that never runs late!). You are transferred to eCALA and the fun starts. Two weeks later you leave Pátmos Saturday lunchtime on the flying catamaran to Kos where a coach awaits you and will transfer you straight to the airport. There are restaurants in and around the airport if you are waiting a while for your return flight.

Availability and prices

In 2017 we are making available just 16 Domes – so this obviously sets the availability of space.

Also we are running just six 2 week holidays, which begin every second Saturday from July 1.

Finally, payment is taken in full and we operate on a “1st Paid – 1st Confirmed” basis.

Price is per person: in €uros

You can choose to ‘share’ or ‘be solo’ in your dome. Some people love to share and save a little money. There are two double beds in each shared dome. 

Your dome bathroom is on your beautiful deck, right next to your dome but discreetly separate, as are all the domes and decks. (see pic across)

Be Solo: €uros 3,995 per person inclusive of your own amazing Dome and everything above.

Sharing: €uros 3,495 per person inclusive of sharing an amazing Dome and everything above.

Booking and Enquiries

If you would like to book or want to know more about the course content or teaching styles and levels please click on the tab in the  column to your «« left «« Bookings and Enquiries

Technical and Important bits

Cancellations and changes of dates:

  • 100% refund if more than 61 calendar days from 1st day of your holiday, less the price of any flight or ferry we booked in your name and cannot cancel or transfer. In this case we will give you the air and/or ferry tickets.
  • 50% refund if 31 to 60 calendar days from 1st day of your holiday, less the price of any flight or ferry we booked in your name and cannot cancel or transfer. In this case we will give you the air and/or ferry tickets.
  • 0% refund if less than 30 calendar days from the 1st day of your holiday. In this case we will give you the air and/or ferry tickets.

Travel and Holiday Insurance:

Noting spaces and dates are tight in a short season, changing dates could be a challenge and we recommend you buy travel and holiday insurance in case your plans change unexpectedly.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC):

If you are an EU citizen or resident and can access an EHIC card please bring it with you in case you need any medical treatment. It makes all of our lives much easier and speeds things through.

Drinks, alcohol and behaviour:

Inclusive does not mean limitless and we ask everyone to be conscious of others around them. Please enjoy whatever you drink while remembering others may not drink alcohol and there is always more tomorrow 😉

Our team only serve drinks at the bar and taverna and will not provide quantities of drinks being taken to the domes, and we ask guests not to hold impromptu private parties in their domes.

The bar will close at a reasonable hour noting most people are looking forward to a long, deep sleep and enjoying their courses the next day.

For heavy drinkers please stay in town for your pleasure. The bars close at 8am and this bill is on you 😉

We are incredibly attentive and generous with everything and this includes ensuring every ‘one’ gets to enjoy their holiday. 

…these pictures were taken on Pátmos in 2016, from the catamaran to our neighbours, a very warm welcome!